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Alabama Hypnotherapy Center


If you are serious about making changes, hypnotherapy can give you the tools you need and want to make those changes. It is not magic; it's just a set of scientifically proven techniques to re-train your mind to do what you want. 

Don't put off seeking the solution you need.  Change can happen, but you have to take the first step.


Yes You Can...

  • Reduce Anxiety!
  • Reduce Pain!
  • Let Go of Stress!
  • Improve Athletic Performance!
  • End Insomnia!
  • Stop Smoking!
  • Lose Weight!
  • Improve Academic Achievement!
  • Relax During Pregnancy & Delivery!
  • Enhance Memory!


Contact Wilfred Hunt:


Phone: 205.907.2608


Just What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural function of the mind.  We all go in and out of hypnotic states thousands of times.  If you have ever found yourself day-dreaming, losing track of time, or even forgetting your surroundings for awhile, you were in a hypnotic state.

Hypnotherapy is the tool to unleash the power of your mind, to accomplish your goals and to achieve the success in life you desire.

Willpower Alone!

Willpower alone is a highly unreliable device that forces a person to deprive himself or herself of something desired.  With hypnosis, willpower becomes unnecessary!

Guided imagery in a hypnotic state has helped people to think thin and be thin... to think of themselves as non-smokers and be non-smokers... all without drugs or special diets.

Traumatic Events

A lot of human problems, habits, stresses, anxieties, attitudes or apparent deficiencies can be traced to interpretations by the subconscious mind which, when these erroneous interpretations are understood by the conscious mind, then we create an opportunity for specific problems to be reduced or resolved.

The subconscious is the seat of all memory.  Traumatic events can be buried or suppressed in the subconscious.  A major benefit of hypnotherapy is its ability to uncover and bring into the light of understanding the buried information or experience which may be the cause of a troublesome disorder.

Traditional Hypnotherapy Sessions:

Your first visit usually takes about two hours.  We will discuss your Individual situation, the basic concepts of Hypnotherapy, and the general Process we will use to re-train your subconscious. 

The cost for this initial session is $150.00

Additional follow-up sessions may be required based on your situation.  These sessions run appoximately one hour and twenty minutes.  

The cost per follow-up session is $100.00

(You may buy a package of three session for $265.00 - a savings of $85.00)



This is a specialized treatment using the benefits of relaxing massage to aid in the relaxation so that the Hypnosis transformation can take place.  

Hypno-massage is a combination of first general relaxation massage followed by a deepening of the trance session and the hypnotic suggestions.  The therapist is a state licensed massage therapist.  This is a two hour experience. 

The first visit will also be devoted to background information on your situation,so the actual table time is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.  Follow up sessions will allow more time for the actual treatment - table time should run about one hour and forty  minutes. 

The cost for each session is $200.00. 


Your Therapist!


Wilfred Hunt, LMT, CHt, MSC

Wilfred has over thirty years experience n hypnotherapy, massage therapy, and the healing arts. He has developed a variety of unique skills in the treatment of medical, rehab and chronic pain.  His training as a Minister of Spiritual Counseling enables him to listen with compassion to people of all beliefs and thoughts. 

Alabama Hypnotherapy Center was founded over 30 years ago with the premise of helping clients in pain find an effective approach to living a healthier and happier life.  We are still committed to this premise!

Contact Wilfred Hunt:


Phone: 205.907.2608