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 Life Coach

Wilfred Hunt, Cht, LMT, MSC

Here in the South, we all know the function of a "Coach".  Working with the "Players" helping to improve their game and getting them better trained and focused for that next big push.  To that end, the "Coach" uses his accumulated experience and training in devising strategies, motivating, retraining bad habits that have been picked up and, most importantly, sharing secrets and tools to help the "Players" achieve their personal best.  And, of course, helping the "Players" to Win The Game!

If you're not where you want to be, physically, emotionally, financially or spiritually then do what the "Big Boy's" do; scout around and hire the best "Coach" you can find!

It will mean a commitment - dedicating time, effort and resources.  That's true though of life.  Do you want to continue investing your valuable resources the same way you have for years, just to continue getting the same old results; those results and all those uncomfortable feelings that got you to this page. 

If you truly want to have a life better than ever, then continue reading and listening to that still small voice inside your heart.  You know the one.  That voice that keeps reminding you that, "You can be more than you are.  You can have more than you have." 

Like your inner voice, I'm wondering, for you, what a life full of joy and ease would feel like?

You have many given talents. Use your ability to work hard and your imagination to change your circumstances.  Let the "Coach" help get you back into the game!

Yeah.... but what does a Life Coach really do?

A Life Coach meets with a single person, groups of people, or a business about once a week to help guide them towards accomplishing their goals. No goal is too big or too small and new goals will come along the way. We won't tell you what you need to do, but ask you the right questions that allow you to set your own goals. Each session we discuss your goals, discuss any roadblocks, and work together towards making progress to complete them.

Are all Life Coaches the same?

Nope! Life Coaches can specialize in helping individuals in certain fields such as couples, divorce, children, new and existing businesses, young adults, addiction, finances, health, spirituality, well being, or a general Life Coach that helps individuals with situations that arise throughout their life.

So. . . are you like a psychologist, a counselor or a doctor?

No.  Life Coaches do not tell you what you need to do or prescribe medicine. We are an outside source looking in who can give a different perspective. A lot of times an individual or business can only see things one way because their perception is their reality. Helping people see things outside of their perspective can completely change a situation. We do however, value client confidentiality.

What is a typical Life Coach session like?

During our first session, which is a 30 to 45 minute complimentary session, you and I will have a "getting to know you" session. This is where we discover what makes you happy, what doesn't, and what you'd like to improve upon in your life. Aspirations and goals will then be written and micro goals will be set for the next meeting.

Our first working meeting will be about an 1 hour and 30 minutes. Meetings thereafter can range from 30 minutes to 55 minutes, depending on the package that you feel is right for you. The meetings throughout will evolve into celebrating achievements made, discussing and resolving roadblocks and any new goals that you would like to strive for, and continually setting micro goals to achieve before your next meeting.

Why does everyone need a Life Coach?

Everyone has areas in their life that they want to improve! No matter where you live, what you have, and what successes are accomplished, there will always be room for improvement and goals to achieve. Even millionaires and celebrities have Life Coaches! With a Life Coach, you'll have somebody on your side committed to your success. I'll guide you through your goals and show you the progress you've made along the way. Many times we look at the big picture and think, "How on Earth will I ever be able to do that?" As a Life Coach, I will help you see that every dream begins with taking small steps towards the right direction.

Also with our hectic life styles and dispersed families, we often don't have someone to talk too that is totally and completely in our corner.  So a Life Coach can be that hand-holder and that non-involved motivator which we all need from time to time.

What do you charge for your services?

Our service packages range from weekly Skype or Phone conversations; bi monthly meetings; weekly meetings that involve a variety of treatments; or even a single session.  With our flexible offerings, we can find a plan that not only fits your current schedule and pocketbook but also takes you to your more desirable schedule and pocketbook - at a pace that is comfortable for you. 


We start out with a complimentary 30 to 45 min conversation.  Then based on you interests and your needs, you can chooses from the following:

One Individual Session:

This is often appropriate when a client just needs a bit of support in overcoming blocks and barriers.  It is also useful to experience the coaching process and redefining goals and objectives.   Often this one session will lead to a desire to investigate potentials more thoroughly at a later time.  The length of this session is appox 1 1/2 hours long.  

The price for the One Individual Session is $193.*

The Pearl Monthly Package:

This package of 2 1/2 hours is for those times when you need just a bit of help and clarity  in order to achieve your thoughts and goals.  The follow-up sessions can be used to fine tune your ideas, to check in for some reassurance or just to verbalize some new thoughts which are making manifest.  These mini-sessions can be used either one a week, for the remainder of the month, or sometimes clients find it helpful to use them to just check in a couple of times during the week.   This package allows you that flexibility.

   One session, appox 1 hour long.

   Three follow-up mini-sessions of appox 30 min each. 

Price of the Pearl Monthly Package is $256. *

The Silver Monthly Package: 

This is a total of 3 sessions, appox 3 1/2 hours long, during the course of 4 weeks.  This is a great package for those times when you feel you know what needs to be done, but just need some accountability and guidance to stay on track.  It will also include some techniques to release "stuck" or "blocked" energy and thought patterns. 

  One session, appox 1 1/2 hour long

  Two 55 minute sessions scheduled during the balance of the 4 weeks

   A CD  copy of the treatment processes from each session will be given to you so that you may continue listening and doing the work between appointments.  You will receive a total of 3 CD's per month.

Price of the Silver Monthly Package price is $391. *

The Gold Package:

This is our most intense package.  The 8 hours of coaching allows time for in depth work and change.  The experiences may include different modalities from; meditation, hypnosis, EFT, breath work, emotional clearings, dream work and cognitive awareness.  This combination encourages you to more fully understand, release and transform blocks and/or resistances. 

This package is spread out over 6 weeks so that you may fully absorb and integrate the results.  There is flexibility in the scheduling of the follow-up sessions - altho all sessions have to be used within the six weeks.

   Four sessions - appox 1 1/2 hours each

   Three 30 minute mini-sessions

   A CD copy of the treatment process from each of the four sessions. 

The cost for the Gold Package is $850 *


* Fine Print:

The Individual coaching session must be paid for at the time of the session.

Monthly packages are to be paid in full at the end of the first session of the series. 

Payments may be made in the form of check, credit card, cash or PayPal.  For our clients safety, we are not set up to dafely store credit card information.  We strongly suggest for you to use PayPal if you wish to charge to your credit card. 

Any session cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be billed at the Individual session charge or if the session is part of a monthly package, it will be deducted from the monthly treatment protocol as if it had been used.

Packages expire at the end of the mentioned time.  However, if at the beginning of the package there is need to lengthen the period due to pre-planned events or trips, this can be accommodated.



Wilfred Hunt is a Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor and teacher of the Healing Arts.  He is experienced in hypnosis, meditation, emotional clearings, alternative healing, breath work, Emotional Freedom Technique, and dream work. All of his work specializes in the synergistic exploration of personal and global growth.

You may contact Wilfred at: